Andrea Imwiehe



Andrea Imwiehe, born in Peine, studied fine arts at the HBK Braunschweig with Prof. Joachim Kettel, Klaus Stümpel and John M. Armleder. She is the winner of the AOK Nordost art award and a scholarship holder at the Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop.

“With her painting, Andrea Imwiehe takes the essence, the structure of a memory as an occasion: memories are seldom completely plastic, rather we remember a mood, a certain light, a taste or an atmosphere. If we experience this atmosphere, this light or this taste again, this can be the impulse in the sense of Plato that makes our connections work – we remember what was already there, hidden deep within us. The vegetation that Andrea Imwiehe uses in her paintings serves above all to recapture this remembered atmosphere,the mood of that time, and to keep it present. It is not a clear picture, but only the remembered mood, which can deviate greatly from reality.”

Carla Johanna Frese, art historian