About us

The Galerie Subenko is envisioned as a forum for contemporary painting and sculpture with a focus on objective forms of figurative, realistic, and expressive representation.

We have known the artists whose work we present for many years, and we value the consistent development in the quality of their work, which, in addition to outstanding artistic talent, also requires a great degree of discipline, tenaciousness, and courage.
As an internet platform with changing exhibitions, we wish organize individual and group shows that can highlight our artists’ new works, new focuses, and their examination of themes. For the mid-term we are planning additional exhibitions in collaboration with other galleries and groups of artists to be held in changing, physical venues. In doing so, we hope to offer art admirers the opportunity to enjoy a real – in other words, physical – encounter with the artworks.
As we are located in Berlin, we primarily focus on artists who work in the city, but we do promote international exchanges, which is one of the reasons we are proud to include, for example, the Dutch-Israeli painter and sculptor David Frank among the artists at the Galerie Subenko.

With our exhibitions we wish to show the extent to which today’s art can make a contribution that reflects upon social and aesthetic issues while exploring reality. This cognitive process, which is reflected in the works of all our artists, is something we wish to make tangible for art enthusiasts.