Carola Göllner



West Berlin-born artist Carola Göllner studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste (now UdK Berlin) with Wolfgang Petrick and Georg Baselitz, with whom she completed her master’s degree. After her studies, traveled abroad to work in the USA, Australia and the Himalayas, among other places. After her first solo exhibition in 1983, numerous exhibitions were held in Germany and abroad. She lives and works in Berlin.
The painting of Carola Göllner combines the fascination of the realistic human image with sensitive colorism. Her realistic works can be divided into different workgroups: filmstills, scenes from everyday life, and portraits.

“The artist … concerns always the image of the indescribable … the psychological moment, the inner charisma of a person, a character, a special situation. On the filmstills with which she works, there is an aura of solitude. In her Ingmar Bergman Series, for example, sublime conflicts emerge, which Göllner always expresses in combination with her own feelings, her own experiences and memories. ” (Lilly Jäckl)